Makeup 101: Color Me Neon

Picture 1Flip flop and strappy sandal season is upon us! Woohoo!

That means it’s time to make your toes look pretty, because, let’s face it, they probably look pretty gross after being stuffed in a pair of boots all winter.  Grimy toenails are the perfect way to ruin a hot new pair of sandals (not to mention creep out everyone around you), so it’s time to give them a little TLC. And while you’re at it, let’s give those fingernails some attention; a little pretty polish goes along great with that perfect summer sundress.

Bold, neon colors are the trend of the summer and below are some bright polishes that will catch the attention of everyone, maybe even a summer fling. I know my summer goal is to score a hottie with a yacht, and while neon toes won’t get me that, I’ll try anything.

And I’ll look cute either way.

To Start:

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Daily Nail Program: If you’re looking to grow your nails out this product really works.  It also strengthens nails and keeps them from being cracked or brittle.  Sweep this on as a base coat before painting your nails (then reapply daily) and you’ll see results in just a few days.

To Color:

Maybe I’m a nail polish snob, but I truly believe when it comes to polish you get what you pay for.  More expensive polishes don’t crack or bubble as easily, stay chip-free for longer, and go on smoother.  That’s why I tend to shell out the extra few dollars for a more quality polish. And it’s still way cheaper than bi-monthly mani/pedi appointments, so it’s worth the investment.

OPI: If you go to OPI’s site you can test out colors against different skin tones and on different nail lengths.  Of course, it’s not the same as trying it out yourself, but it might help you make a decision about what color is right for you.

Try Out: Shorts Story, A Grape Fit, In My Back Pocket, or Need Sunglasses? Some of these bright hues may be too much for your fingers (they are mighty brighty), but may be just right for your toes.

Essie: Essie has a mini line of neon colors for this upcoming summer, making it pretty easy for you to transition into brights.

Try Out: Flirty Fuscia, Funky Limelight, Perky Purple, or Punchy Pink. You can even try all four with the Essie mini set for only $18.

Sephora Brand Polish: If you can’t afford to spring for a pricier polish above, try Sephora Brand’s polish in: Chupa, Mangue, or Curacoa.  (P.S. Can someone tell me what those words mean??)

Top it Off:

To seal your color in and add a new level of shine try Revlon’s Quick Dry Top Coat.  It dries super fast, prevents chip, and has a UV shield to keep color locked in.

There is nothing more beautiful than a freshly manicured hand wrapped tightly around a glass of sangria. Welcome home, summer!

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