He Had a Girlfriend…And I Hooked Up With Him Anyway

There are lots of things you don’t know about a man when you meet him at a bar. Like, where he lives. Or who he knows. Or, sometimes, his name (which makes the phone number exchange mighty awkward the next morning). It is all part of the mystery, the fun…and the nature of the situation. Usually it’s better that way; knowing that kid likes Star Wars is not going to help set the mood.

Or, I don’t know…knowing he has a girlfriend?

I found myself in that precarious situation this past weekend. I was hangin’ out when I was approached by a fine specimen of a man. He was tall, dressed really well and his smile made me melt. We totally hit it off and soon found ourselves making out in the bar like we were Freshmen at a frat party.

He invited me back to his place and, eagerly, I obliged.

When we arrived back at his place – which was a far cab ride from my own abode – he went to the kitchen to get some much needed water and I started to look around. And I began to notice a recurring theme: cute kissy photos of him and a very adorable looking girl. Tons of them. Everywhere.

Clearly, this boy had a girlfriend.

He came back out of the kitchen, pushed me against a wall and began grabbing at my dress. I didn’t know what to do. I mean – he had a freaking GIRLFRIEND. What if that was me? What if my boyfriend was out picking up girls? But at the same time, he hit on me. He pursued me. This was his choice, not mine.

And he was such a good kisser.

In my drunken haste I rationalized with myself: my dress was already halfway down around my legs, so there was nothing I could do now. I was way too far away from home to walk. And not knowing the girlfriend made it all OK. This was the boy’s choice, so how could any of this be my fault?

Now that the Amstel Light has left my system, though, I am not quite sure how I feel. I fear the evil wrath of Karma coming back to haunt me and a sleazy cheating boyfriend in my future. I fear that there is no hope for monogamy. And I feel incredibly guilty for waking up in some other girl’s spot the next morning.

I know that this guy is old enough to make his own mistakes, but being the guilt ridden Jewish girl that I am I can’t stop wondering if stopping this sex train was my responsibility. Should I have walked away?

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