Leona Lewis Loves Her Pink and Black Deux Lux Ruffle Bucket Bag

Have you met our new BFFs over at What’s Haute? We love popping over there to do some “window shopping” of all the designer bags and accessories that we would have to work for life and beyond to afford. Still, we can’t stop. Well, our friends know how we feel and now they are bringing us some cheaper (yet still beautiful) alternatives, right here on CollegeCandy. To see more couture goodness, visit What’s Haute.

Leona Lewis may be a rising star but that doesn’t mean she’s let her fame go to her head. Or to her wallet. The British pop singer was spotted on multiple occassions with a girly, ruffled handbag in pink and black. Was it a Valentino? Nope. A Be & D? Guess again. Leona actually prefers Deux Lux, in particular, the Deux Lux Ruffle Bucket Bag.

This polyurethane purse features a cascading row of ditsy floral-backed ruffle trim and matching floral lining, a zippered main compartment, and is finished with padded handles. And what does a bag like this cost?

A mere $68.

Looks like Leona is talented, stylish and financially savvy.

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