I’m Torn: Summer School

Life isn’t black and white. As much as we wish we simply loved or hated things, there is often that whole annoying gray area in the middle. Like how we love our BFF, but we just don’t know if we love him like THAT. Or how we love trashy TV, but we’re pretty sure it’s ruining our lives. Damn you, gray area; you make decision-making that much more complicated!]

Ahhh, summer. The sweet, glorious days of summer. Days spent lounging by the pool, building sandcastles at the beach, or lying in bed all day watching old episodes of The OC on Soap Net. School’s finally out, and since the last long vacation you had was winter break (Spring Break doesn’t count – you came back more worn out than when you left), you’re ready for some of mom’s home cooking and not getting up from your bed. Ever.

But – whaaa? – some students choose to stay in school for the summer? I am dumbfounded. Befuddled. Mystified. Who are these creatures? I guess there are some advantages to spending your summer in the classroom, such as getting ahead in your credits, but I just can’t imagine sacrificing SUMMER is worth it.

So summer school? I’m torn.

Love It:
Lots of my friends choose to stay on campus after the rest of us board our planes to go back to our families.  Some of them take electives that they normally can’t fit into their schedule, like aikido or underwater basket weaving (yes, there is such a thing). Some of them take special classes that are only taught during the summer season, or classes taught by special visiting professors or researchers who have a busy schedule during the regular school year. Some of them take classes just to keep their brain active during the what-would-otherwise-be lazy and unproductive summer months, or to get some classes out of the way so the following year is a breeze. And sometimes, it’s just easier to get 4.0’s during summer. Classes are usually more relaxed, and with a much smaller population of students on campus, it’s easier to focus, since you’re not caught up in the party scene as much.

The best reason I’ve ever heard was from one of my rising-senior friends; he told me he was taking summer classes to fulfill credit requirements. You know, so he could graduate come next spring. I told him it was probably a good idea.

Loathe It:
This is pretty much a no-brainer: No summer fun. No break from school. No chance to earn money. No way to seize any opportunities for a cool internship, or a service trip, or a backpacking journey up Mt. Everest. Basically, it’s school for an ENTIRE YEAR. As in 12 whole months of non-stop education. You could be catching up with old friends or having some quality family fun time (actually, put the “fun” in quotes), but with summer school, the only thing on your to-do list is to study, study, and…study. As in spending the day in classes and spending the night in the library.

And let’s not forget that you are on campus alone since most of your friends have gone home for the summer. There is no one to hang out with between classes, no one to go out with at night, and you are sitting in a classroom instead of out on the beach. How could you possibly enjoy that!?

I guess there are some valid reasons for attending summer school, for instance, actually have enough credits to graduate. But for me, I would much rather spend my summer vacation doing what I can’t do during the regular school term. Like interning, or travelling, or doing absolutely nothing at all and enjoying my mom’s cooking while I’m doin’ it.

What do you think?

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