Wardrobe Wish List: Beach Bunny Swimwear

[I want it, I need it, I can’t live without it. There are so many things on store shelves and racks right now that we want to take home and hang in our closets. Things that are so cute, everyone should know about them. We’ll share ‘em with you here (because we’re that nice), but as far as actually getting them goes….well, you’re on your own with that one.]

If any of you have watched Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches on The Travel Channel, you have without a doubt seen some pretty crazy swimwear. Each episode, Bridget, (who generally looks perfect in everything, even though she says that her “stomach should be firmer”) wears multiple swimsuits and cute cover-ups that make you wish it were summer. And that your body was bikini ready.

Naturally, a show about beaches hosted by a former Playboy Bunny has to feature totally adorable bikinis, and Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches does not disappoint!  Just look at the suit she wore in Croatia or in Jamaica or Turks and Caicios!  It’s clear that Bridget (or the show’s stylist) has great taste and killer style.

A style that I want to emulate.

If you’ve got some a lot of summer cash to spend and want to get a really fabulous bikini, look no further than Beach Bunny Swimwear, who provides many of the bikinis for Bridget’s show. My personal favorite is the Lady Lace bikini in aqua and ivory. The color combination is perfect and will look great with a tan, and the bottoms feature a thick lace band–like Hanky Pankys! Except, you know, with a back. And not a thong.

But I digress. This lace band is super flattering as it won’t cut into your sides giving you the dreaded muffin top! And it looks like lingerie, which is the answer to all those days spent in front of the mirror wishing you could wear that perfect bra as a bathing suit top.

Beach Bunny was actually inspired by couture lingerie, and was featured in last year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition (which means – bonus! – the boys will love it too!). And Bridget isn’t the line’s only celebrity fan, either–Eva Longoria, Mariah Carey, and Amanda Bynes all love Beach Bunny, too.

After I get this body in shape and start this year’s bikini hunt, Beach Bunny will definitely be my one and only stop.

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