CollegeCandy Says: Check Those Breasts

Hannah Powell-Auslam is the youngest breast cancer patient doctors have ever seen. At only 10 years old, Hannah has recently undergone a mastectomy on her left breast to remove a malignant tumor.

Hannah’s mother noticed a lump on her daughter’s breast after she had complained and took her to get examined. The doctors initially told her that she was too young to have breast cancer, but the doctors were wrong.

In addition to having her breast removed, Hannah will have to undergo chemotherapy to kill cancer cells that spread to her lymph nodes. Because she never mentioned the lump to her mother before (what 10-year-old would ever know to do that?), Hannah’s cancer spread beyond the initial area.

While this is an incredibly rare situation, Hannah’s case is a reminder to all of us to check ourselves monthly and report anything strange or abnormal to a doctor. It may not be common, but breast cancer can affect anyone, regardless of their age, and the best way to beat it is to catch it early.

So, go. Step away from CollegeCandy (but don’t forget to come back!) and give yourself an exam. It only takes a moment and could really save your life.

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