We Love You, Oscar Mayer!

Winter is a time for work.  We’re working hard on our schoolwork, our savings accounts, our bodies, and many other very useful things.  Summer, by contrast, is a time for play.  We’re ready to kill some brain cells, show off our bodies in barely-there outfits, and spend all that money we worked so hard to save.

Our friends over at Oscar Mayer, the people who have given us hundreds of good times at cook-outs and barbecues throughout our young lives, are giving us something else – free hot dogs.  Oh yes!  That word was FREE, homies!  Oscar Mayer doesn’t want you to spend your hard-earned cash on delicious food to sustain your amazing summer schedule.  If you go to www.oscarmayer.com, you can sign up for a coupon for free hot dogs.  Could summer get any better?

Um, yes.  I think it could.  I don’t mean to be greedy, but why don’t any other businesses give away free stuff?  Free hot dogs are pretty rad (as is free chocolate!), but where is my free pair of designer shoes?

Here are the Top 5 things I would like to see free coupons for:

1) Gas/Public Transportation Pass: I admit, I don’t claim particular allegiance to any specific gas stations.  BUT if one offered me a coupon for a free fill-up?  Oh, I’d so be on board as their new number one fan.

2) Makeup: I don’t know very much about this mysterious part of being a woman (seriously – why does an eyelash curler have to look like a ninja weapon?), so a free coupon from, say, Sephora, might entice me to learn more…(hint hint).

3) More Food: Not gonna lie, food is pretty much my BFF (aside from my good friend, sleeping).  Any free food coupons are welcome, ’cause if it’s free, I’ll eat it (no matter what it is).  Of course, I’m hoping for something along the lines of something I couldn’t normally afford by myself, but I’ll take a free McMuffin coupon (heck yes).

4) Music/Concert Tickets: Thank goodness most universities offer a free concert or two at some point during their academic year, otherwise there are some of us who would be deprived of the wonder that is live music.  Now I’d like to see some big acts (Rhianna? Lady Gaga? Fallout Boy?) follow suit and offer free tickets to their shows.  That way, we can use our free makeup to look fabulous at the concert (hint hint hint)…

5) School Books: Not that it’s time to to be thinking about such things yet (unless you are one of those dedicated people taking summer classes and, if you are, I salute you), but seeing that we are dumping all our money (and a lot of our family’s money) into our school, wouldn’t you like to see a return?  Share the love! Give me a free coupon for that $180 art history book!

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He Said/She Said: Swiping Your V-Card
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