CollegeCandy Says I’m Sorry

Brace yourselves:  a new study has found that skinny jeans have the potential to cause you harm.  No, we’re not talking about the curse that is Muffin Top Disease, but something that has a more medical definition.

The study states that there are more and more cases each year of  girls with Tingling Leg Syndrome (or Meralgia Parasthetica, if you wanna get all Doogie Howser, M.D. up in here).  The study concludes that the most likely cause of this is continual pressure on your thighs (which tends to damage the nerves in them) coming from things like skinny jeans.


We’re written many stories about the benefits of skinny jeans (especially vs. fashion’s bastard child, the sweatpant) and recommended many outfits that included them.  While we of course don’t take any responsiblity if you lose feeling in your legs (and I would make sure it wasn’t those five mojitos you just had before you start freaking out), we wanted to throw a “my bad” out there for y’all.

Please note: just like the evil pain caused by sky-high heels, we think a little tingle in your legs is worth it for a cute outfit. Just sayin’….

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The Budget Stylista: Maxi Dresses
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