The Budget Stylista: Maxi Dresses

The Maxi dress is a summer must-have essential. You can roll out of bed and throw it on with flip flops for an outside brunch. You can throw on a pair of wedges or heels and dress it up for a night out. You can dress it up for a night out, then roll out of (a cute man’s) bed and throw it on for brunch with said cute man without it being SO blatantly obvious that you were wearing the same exact thing last night.  The walk of shame is practically eliminated in this dazzling dress.

Like I said- summer must-have. Essential.

And with so many out there, there is no way to not find one to flatter your body. Thicker straps for those of us who must wear a bra for fear that our boobs will drag on the floor without one; a loud print for those of us who want to give ourselves a bit more shape.  No matter your height, weight or proportions, there is a Maxi dress out there for you. Sort of like how Maxi pads come in different styles, only cuter and less like a diaper.

And lucky for you, huge summer trend means huge possibility of finding a dress that doesn’t make a dent in your budget, but still leaves everyone asking you where on earth you found that super cute piece. (Click on the dresses to get all the deets.)

We CAN’T Have It All – But Who Wants It?
We CAN’T Have It All – But Who Wants It?
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