The Pee Pee Poll: Do You Pee In The Pool?

While browsing around on the internet (hey, it’s the the only way to spend the day when you’ve still got the spins from the night before), I stumbled across this little tidbit from  apparently peeing in the pool grosses people out AND can be detrimental to your health. Oh, and 17% of people polled still do it.

After countless summers as an essentially aquatic creature in my childhood, I know my way around a pool.  You can always tell which kid has the potential to use your watery paradise as their personal toilet.  And by “which kid,” I mean all kids.  Hell, I’ll admit, I’ve raised the temperature in a pool or two (I was young, okay??).  What I didn’t do was go swimming with diarrhea (grossgrossgrossgross), or drink the pool water (hey, I was peeing in it, why would I drink it??), or do any of the other things that health officials warn against.

In my day, peeing in the pool got you a shrill “ewwwww” from the rest of your playmates, but then you moved on and kept playing Marco Polo or whatevs until the next one of you decided that drying off, running to the bathroom and then trying to pull that wet one-piece back up was far too much work.  Gross? Yes, but apparently not gross enough to keep people from doin’ the in-the-pool-pee-pee.

So, we want do know: do you pee in the pool? Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.

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