Living at Home For the Summer? Rock on!

The only thing harder than saying goodbye to your roommate for the summer is packing up your dorm… and mopping all of the dried beer of the floor.  And scrubbing your desk where pizza sauce has been encrusted for months. And figuring out how to pack it all into your two-door.  Yeah, moving out sucks.  But moving IN with your parents again… well, let’s face it.  It rocks.

Here are my top ten faves about crashing with Mom and Dad for three months.  What are yours?

1.  You can live with your parents without looking like a deadbeat loser.

You have an excuse: You’re still in college and the dorms closed.  If you were 35 and working at the Venus Club and living with the ‘rents… you might belong on Jerry Springer.  But there’s nothing shameful about going back to your teenage years and living under their roof for one more summer.

2.  You’re a legal adult now.

Maybe your parents tried to force some strict rules on you in high school, and you vowed to move out asap.  But now, you’re an adult.  So even if they try to enforce a curfew, you at least have the “I’m a grown up” argument, which can be bolstered with “I just made Dean’s List,” or “In college, you aren’t keeping tabs on me and I made it home alive, didn’t I?” Plus, a lot of parents won’t even pick that fight, because they realize that you are an adult, you are a responsible collegiate, and they don’t want to know what happens on spring break.

3.  Laundry.

I don’t know what’s better, not having to pay for a load of laundry, or having the freedom of throwing your clothes in the dryer in the morning and leaving them there all day long.  Or using the dryer to get out the wrinkles in your cotton v-neck because you don’t feel like ironing.  Or being able to wash ONE shirt on its own because you reeeeally want it to be clean for the bar tomorrow night, but nothing else is dirty.  Idk, all of the above?

4.  You can spread out.

You can walk down a hallway without having to wear shower shoes.  You can watch a movie without worrying that your roommate will be studying.  You can use the downstairs bathroom when you’re downstairs, and the upstairs bathroom when you’re upstairs.  Ah, life’s little pleasures.

5.  Home-cooked meals.

Do I need to explain this?

6.  Home-cooked leftovers.

Plenty of room in the fridge to save tomorrow’s lunch.  Or breakfast.

7.  All of the amenities that are banned from dorm rooms.

Stove, hot plate, caged iguana, you name it.  You don’t have to hide the candles at your parents house to avoid getting fined or written up.

8.  All of your sh*t is already there.

You have to be selective when you move to the dorms, and only bring the stuff you’ll need (or think you’ll need), but everything you left behind when the spring semester started is right there waiting for you.  Go out and enjoy the weather – ride your bike, dust off your Rollerblades, look through your closet and discover all the random fun-yet-unnecessary things you forgot about because they wouldn’t fit in your Yaffa Blocks when you packed up a few months ago.  A personal fave? Discovering that an outfit you didn’t think you’d wear this semester is suddenly “in” again and you don’t have to buy a newer version.

9.  Reunions!

Most likely, you’re not the only one moving home.  Now’s the time to catch up with your high school pals, your former coworkers, and anyone else that you blew off when you were busy studying/partying away at school.  Plus, chances are, your parents already know your old friends, and will be thrilled if you have a few people over for a low-key night in.

10.  Ummm, can you say Rent-Free?

Take the time to save up this summer, because you’re going to have to shell out a few grand for housing next fall – and you might still have to share a room!  When you do move out on your own, that monthly rent check will be the bane of your existence.  Plus, you’ll have to pay for utilities, electricity, heat, water – not to mention hiring repair men whenever things get broken.  Don’t take your dad for granted this summer when he stays on top of replacing the light bulbs, mowing the lawn, and fixing the plumbing.

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