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10 Really Bad Ass War Movies

the-patriotNot gonna lie – I’m not a fan of war movies.  Granted, depending on my mood, I might be persuaded to sit down and watch a couple bloody hours of awesomeness.  Most often, a boy toy convinces me to watch one and I do all I can to spend the entire time making-out with him rather than actually watching to movie.

Now that I’ve laid that down, in honor of Memorial Day I’d like to give special attention to those movies that actually made me stop the tongue dance and watch the action (on the screen…not under the blanket).  Here’s my (very uninformed) list of the 10 greatest war movies:

The Patriot: Lots of blood and guts, but the costumes make this movie a hit for me.  Plus, Heath Ledger is pretty awesome as an innocent boy who just wants to fight for the country he thought we should have.  Thanks, fictional homie.

Schindler’s List: This is  a must see on any movie list and should probably be your first reference for war movies.  Aside from the incredible performances and intricate plot, I’m lovin’ the black and white effect in this one.  And Liam Neeson?  Very yummy in his day.

The Big Red One: I saw this one while going through a Star Wars phase (…which may or may not still be going on), since it stars a young Mark Hamill [Luke Skywalker]  as a member of a famous heroic band of men.  It’s gritty, bloody, and emotionally satisfying.

Gone With the Wind: I’m gonna include this one because it shows the other side of the war – the home front.  It’s a masterpiece, from the incredible acting to the sweeping score.  I very much enjoy the costumes in this one as well (there might be a trend here…).

Tropic Thunder: So maybe this movie isn’t actually about a war, so much as a movie about a bunch of guys trying to make a movie about a war.  At any rate, there were guns and blood, so it counts.  Plus, it was funny and if you can make a war movie funny then you’ve got some talent, my friend.

Letters From Iwo Jima: I. Love. This. Movie.  It just yields so much win.  This may be because it shows a side of World War II that I’ve never seen before (the Japanese side) represented in a relatively non-biased way or it may be because of all the hot Asian dudes in uniform.  Either one.

Good Morning, Vietnam: I like my funny and I definitely like some rebellion, so Robin Williams really delivers for me in this movie.  As an added bonus, there are some pretty sweet war sequences to get your heart rate a-going.

Braveheart: So this doesn’t actually involve Americans, per se, but I think we can all relate to the basic themes of suppression and rebellion (Revolutionary War, much?).  And the kilts aren’t bad, either.

Pearl Harbor: I’ll say right now that this is one movie where I preferred the fight scenes to the so-called story line of the rest of the movie.  Being as the movie was poorly scripted and very corny, I’m gonna say bring on the guns!

The Pianist: Get the tissues out right now.  Adrian Brody takes us through all levels of WWII, from being a top musician down to starving in the crumbling remains of the Jewish ghetto.  Hope you didn’t like your heart in one piece, because it is so broken after you watch this movie.

What are your favorites?

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