Brooke Shields’ Secret Revealed: Who Really Cares?

Breaking news!  Brooke Shields didn’t lose her virginity until she was 22!

Big deal, right?  Well, clearly with the absurd amount of publicity surrounding her most recent interview with Health magazine, where this alleged shocking secret was revealed, it is obvious that to many, this is a big deal.  But why?  If people spent half the time obsessing about literally anything of the slightest bit more importance, our world would have a lot less to worry about.

Having sex for the first time has evolved into one of society’s biggest concerns and issues of controversy.  With movies like American Pie, teens have been brainwashed into believing that they’re some freak misfits if they haven’t sealed the deal before graduating high school.  All that the media has done is distorted the truth.  Just because nowadays some teens are having sex before they freakin’ finish puberty, doesn’t mean that, 1.  Everyone is doing that and 2. There is a right or appropriate age to do so.  In fact, as a college student, I have met many people, older and younger than me that have held on to their virginity for whatever reason, and it honestly has not changed my opinion about them at all, nor should it!

What kind of society do we live in where waiting until you are in your 20’s to lose your virginity is a bad, a weird, or an abnormal age to do so?

Call me crazy, but I used to think that losing your virginity was a somewhat private and personal matter.  Everyone is different and comfortable with sex in his or her own way and should be able to decide if and when they are ready without being judged, questioned, or, in Brooke Shields’ case, considered the latest juiciest gossip.  Virgin or not, does it really define who you are as a person?

As a society, we really need to just let go of the whole virginity thing, because at this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if 40-Year-Old Virgin was remade into 20-Year-Old Virgin (starring Jonah Hill, of course).

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