How Much Do You Think About Food?

Whatcha thinking about?  If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking about food.  I literally ate about five minutes ago, but that doesn’t stop images of delicious dinner selections from flashing through my brain.  I blame it on my incessant need to plan and organize (but let’s be honest – I just like food).

Apparently, I’m not alone in the meal-obsessed department.  According to a new study, women spend about 44 minutes a day thinking about food (almost 10 minutes more than men, on average).  That’s TWO YEARS of your life!  And yet, I still think that’s an underestimation. (Seriously – I think about food all. the. time.)

Now that I see the (scary and embarrassing) facts laid out in front of me, I can’t help but wonder what I could do with my life if I wasn’t always thinking about food.  Maybe I could have graduated in three years at the top of my class and gotten an awesome job straight out of college.  Maybe I could have a couple novels published by now.  Maybe I could weigh 15lbs less than I do now.  The possibilities are endless!

It’s all too much to think about, especially since dinner is coming up in a couple hours.  Mmm, beef and broccoli or a grilled cheese sandwich?  I’ll have to think about it…

OMG! Texting Is So Dangerous!
OMG! Texting Is So Dangerous!
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