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The Budget Stylista: Shorty Short Shorts


shorts runway

We all know the infamous Nair song, “Who Wears Short Shorts?!”

Not me.

I’ve never really been a fan of shorts, namely because they never were really a fan of me. The ones that were considered in style were too short and all others looked like I was a mom out of 1987. They made me look chubbier, they gave me a camel toe (which is reason right there to hate them: “is your crotch hungry, girl ’cause it’s eating your pants”), and they were just so unflattering. And even worse, when you don’t have sticks for legs and you walk around a humid city in shorts, your legs rub together. Cute shorts or not, that is just a whole other level of uncomfortable that I’d rather not deal with. Then you have to start waddling, then your shorts ride up you pull them down and it looks like you are picking out a front wedgie…

It’s just bad news all over.

But not any more! Ladies, grab that Nair, forget about its heinous rotten egg smell (yummmy!), and get your legs r-e-a-d-y.

This season there are so many shorts in so many lengths that you CAN find a pair that works for you. Trust me, if I can find a pair I love, then lord knows you can too. And you don’t have to shell out the big bucks for bottoms that you can only wear 3 months out of the year in most parts of the country. Can I get a “what, what”?!

Here are my picks for cute, cheap and most-likely-to-be flattering shorts. High waisted and linen are great with wedges for day or night, bermudas are best worn with a high shoe, and colored bottoms are only for those who don’t mind attention in that area. And for those hot, casual days – pair a casual short with a tank top, long necklace and some flip flops and you’re good. to. go.

Bring on the shorts! (Click on the images below for all the deets.)

linen shorts high waist
bermudas every color short
casual shorts terry shorts
jean bermuda Casual short

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