The CC Weekly Weigh In: Advice for Dudes

I saw a guy yesterday wearing two pastel polo shirts with both collars popped. Yesterday. As in 2009. Where was this kid’s girlfriend/friends to inform him that the popped collar thing went out in 2005? Or, I don’t know, that the double pastel shirt look wasn’t OK on a guy even then? Friends don’t let friends pop their collars (anymore)!

I felt bad for the kid. Here he was, thinking he was lookin’ all cool in his pink and purple shirts while the rest of the world pointed and laughed. (And by “rest of the world,” I mean “me.” I couldn’t help it! He was wearing white loafers with them!) I wanted to reach out and give that kid a much needed makeover, but I was also late for a manicure so I just sort of let it go.

But now I want to give back. There are so many things that guys don’t know or understand. Whether they are getting bad information, or ignoring the good information that they get, guys are constantly misguided. This week I asked the CollegeCandy writers to share the most important piece of wisdom they would want guys to know. Pass this on to any and all men in your life – they need it. Share your own advice/thoughts in the comments section below!

Laura – St. Johns: Don’t fart on me. Seriously, my boyfriend did this last night and almost died.

Brithny – Duke: PMS stands for Permissible Man-Slaughter and also Preposterous Mood Swings. So during that time, please forgive us for anything crazy we may do. And lots of wine and candy would be nice too.

Charlsie – Hollins: When you are in a relationship, the number of people your girlfriend has slept with before you has no correlation with how much she loves you, adores you, and wants to be with YOU. Don’t bring up the past — she loves YOU!

Lauren – University of Michigan
: When you are workin’ on a lady with your hand, deeper does not mean better. You are not a gyno…and we don’t really want you to be.

Caitlin – University of Alabama: If I’m on my period, I generally don’t want to have sex.  And I don’t feel like giving a bj, either.  I’m bloated and cranky; give me chocolate and keep your pants on.

Thu – USC: Little things mean a lot. Leaving her a short note or text to wish her a good day, bringing her a treat after a tough day at work, or renting her favorite movie when she’s sick. Little things make a huge difference.

Liza M – Minnesota: We’re crazy all the time, not just when we’re PMS-ing. Sorry. But we do respond well to presents…

Kari – FSU: Don’t go snooping around our underwear drawer thinking you’ll find all things racy and lacy; more likely than not you’re going to find our Spanx and/or granny bras…enjoy imagining us in THAT.

Maddie – Tufts: Don’t forget about the date! Sex is great and lying in bed all day can be fantastic, but sometimes we gals need to be wined and dined, and there’s no better way to bring new life to your relationship than by a surprise date night.

Lauren H – The New School:
Never, EVER be naked with socks on. Quite frankly (as much as I appreciate the male body and all of its fun parts) it’s not the prettiest thing to begin with. And no one, no matter how hot they are, looks good with just socks on. You have to take off your shoes to get the pants off, so just take off the socks with the shoes. Very simple.

Ricki  – University of Michigan
: Girls always appreciate the little things…if you can’t hang out with your
girl, text her telling her you miss her.  Ask how her flight was.  This stuff takes about 3 seconds via text and reminds the girl, hey he does care about me.

Cristina – Michigan State University: Background music is always better during any deed.  The louder the better.  Maybe the bass would even be an aphrodisiac. Keep that in mind, sir’s.

K – GWU: Communication is so simple but so overlooked by guys. Want us to do something different? Be more involved? Be less clingy? Not be a part of your life? Whatever…tell us. I can do a lot of things but I can’t read minds.

Kiki – University of Missouri: Please don’t call them “tits.”

Sara C- Fordham
: Guys, please stop using hair gel. I’ve never seen it look good on anyone. Gel does either of two things for you–one, it makes your hair look like a grease-combed patch of grass, or two, it does absolutely nothing for your hair, so you’ve just wasted your time and money.

Kim – University of Delaware: Don’t keep us waiting. We are an impatient breed when we’re put on hold. If you want to hang out, text us back (or better, text us FIRST). If you say you’ll call later, CALL LATER. We only will wait around for so long before we get bored and find the next in line. Forgetting or being busy is really no excuse at all but, more so, our cue to peace out and move on.

Kelly – Simmons University: Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want, your partner can’t read your mind.

And now from a dude to us….

John – UConn
: Step one to finding a good relationship: don’t go looking for one. The more energy you expend sniffing around for a sweetie, the less energy you’ll have to be an interesting human being. Nothing says “bad boyfriend material” like desperation, except open sores that smell like cat food.

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