Love Etsy? Love Etsy’s Fabulous DIY Blog!

In case you needed another reason to love, here it comes. All good CollegeCandy readers know that Etsy is a genuinely awesome online marketplace, where artisans from all over peddle their own unique brand of wares, whatever they may be.

Not only do I love Etsy for the seemingly endless supply of lovingly crafted goods for sale – jewelry, clothing, photography, stuffed animals, frames, glasswares, knick-knacks, and on and on and on – but I love the creative kick in the pants I get every time I visit. I see an awesome silkscreened dress and my mind immediately starts perusing my closet for items I could adorn myself. I see jewelry made out of old piano keys, or skeleton keys, or medical skeletons, or anything, and suddenly the overflowing basement in my family home is brimming with possibility instead of junk!

The Storque, Etsy’s brilliant and multi-faceted DIY blog takes this burst of creative energy (which, for my scattered self, often fades in light of the overwhelming possibilities) and makes all things seem possible. Some of their most frequent topics are as follows:

Step-by-step projects:
A la CC’s DIY Tuesday, The Storque offers up clearly written, well-crafted project ideas of all shapes, sizes and ideas. Now that all my cousins seem to be having babies, I am going to test out this adooorable squishy donkey pattern, as a way to turn out simple, personalized baby gifts to all the new additions! There are tutorials on making your own stamps, gussying up your old clothes, and making your own lip balm – and everything in between!

General craft hints:
There are a fair number of pesky instructions or terms that you run across in the DIY world that you seem to be expected to know; those pivotal and oft-screwed-up creative steps. The Storque seeks to fill in those gaps so that nothing stands between you and artistic greatness! Some examples are lessons in how to correctly measure for clothing, to properly frame your artwork, and working your color wheel.

Seller How To:
If you’re crafty already (or the blog has inspired you to become so), The Storque dedicates a lot of screen inches to helping you become a world-class Etsy seller yourself. An online boutique is a subtle art, and they are totally in your corner when it comes to sales. After all, artists are the lifeblood of Etsy! So, if you’ve got questions about how to photograph your items for sale, how to get noticed in the artistic crowd, or anything of that sort, you’ll find it on here.

Artists Columns
The Storque has a fantastic roster of artists on board, sharing their stories and offering up advice. Some are one-time articles from fantastic independent bloggers – foodies, crafters, etc. One I am always on the lookout for is folks at Apartment Therapy. They are frequent contributors with killer decorating ideas.

Thanks to The Storque, when I walk past fabulous New York boutiques filled with some gloriously handmade (and expensive) embroidered/silkscreened/beaded items in the window, I think to myself “I could make that.” And now I’m totally right!

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Saturday Read: Sloppy Firsts (and others) by Megan McCafferty
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