MTV’s True Life: Six Best Episodes Ever

I don’t know what it is about MTV, but I am addicted. Those crafty little sons of b*tches in Times Square know their target audience. They have me – and everyone else in the 12-30 age bracket – convinced that what we should really want to watch on TV are really attractive, dumb people saying really dumb (and totally unscripted) things. There’s really nothing quite like a mind-numbing “Next” marathon when you feel like death on Sunday afternoon and they know this.

However, I’m able to cut MTV some slack because they aren’t always the network that shows hot people doing dumb things 24/7. Every once in awhile they cook up an awesome little nugget of TV goodness with some real substance. For example, they devote a decent amount of airtime to True Life. I’m pretty sure the only way you’d not know about True Life is if you had been living under a rock (or without basic cable) for the last ten years, but just in case you don’t know, every ep of True Life tells the entirely true story of 2 or 3 young people who are dealing with a particular issue. Sometimes its personal (“I’m Afraid of Intimacy”), other time it’s situational (“I Have A Summer Share ”), but either way it’s always AWESOME.

The only problem with True Life? There are just so.many.amazing.episodes – and equally as many that never air more than once. Actually this story ended up taking me a lot longer to write than originally planned because I spent more time watching the episodes online than writing about them. (Which reminds me – thank you MTV for putting these all online!) However, I was eventually able to peel my eyeballs away from the episodes and back to my open Word document to write up this list of my faves:

1) I Have OCD – So interesting. The dude who sniffs his armpits over and over? Classic television.
2) I Live Another Life on the Web – If this journalism thing doesn’t work out, this episode showed me I can always show my boobs on the internet for cash.
3) I’m Addicted to Crystal Meth – Enough said.
4) I Have Tourette’s Syndrome – The guy who spills a drink on his date warms my heart. I think tics are kinda cute.
5) I’m Uncomfortable with My New Body – Lots of sagging skin. Gross, but really interesting nonetheless.
6) I’m Getting Married – “I will gut you like a fish!” Sabrina & Charlie will always be my favorite TV couple.

Honorable Mentions: “I’m Jealous,” “I Panic,” “I Work in the Sex Industry,” “I’m Supporting My Family,” “I’m Obese,” “I Hate My Small Breasts” (a girl’s mother actually ENCOURAGES her to get breast implants by asking for donations from sugar daddies online!), and “I’m Competitive with My Friends.”

I just can’t wait until True Life: I’m Addicted to True Life comes out. An hour of watching me watch TV? Now that’s quality programming…

Check out True Life On Demand and watch some of these episodes online.

Okay, I know I’m not the only one obsessed. What are some of your fave episodes of True Life?

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Wardrobe Wish List: Zinc Embroidered Tunic
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