We All Scream For Ice Cream

I love ice-cream and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.  Summer is indeed the time for slurping up all those delicious treats, from refreshing frozen yogurt to decadent Cold Stone creations.  Luckily, if it’s hot enough to eat ice cream (although, let’s be honest, I’ll eat ice cream in the dead of winter, too), it’s also probably hot enough to find some gorgeous men in swim trunks strolling around.

But, one must ask, how can I combine these wonderful things?  I used to think it was only a distant dream, but no!  Here, direct from the UK (in fact, that is the only place you can find it), is the Daniel Craig popsicle.  Oh yes, that is a half-naked James Bond you are licking, lady (I wonder if it is martini flavored…).  These days, it’s all about time management and if we can combine hot men and delicious frozen treats, all the better.

Seeing this makes the future look bright and the summer (well, this week, anyway) hotter.  What else could these geniuses at Del Monte do?  The possibilities are endless (although my vote is going for another hot guy popsicle).

Who is the next hot guy you would like to see as a frozen treat?

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