Countdown to College: Dorm Buys to Lust After

The time is not yet ripe for incoming college freshmen to begin shopping for their dorm rooms, as many of us don’t even have our room assignments yet. But since I’m suffering from acute Senioritis and have nothing else better to do, I’ve taken to scouring the Internet for the best dorm buys.

Some of the things I’ve found have made me laugh from their sheer absurdity, while others have made me cry, usually because they’re either too expensive or they violate my university’s safety policy. Whether they’re indulgent or utterly necessary, here are some of the items that have set my heart a-flutter with desire:

Keurig Mini Brewing System
Ever since my mom brought home a Keurig brewing machine last year, my family has been addicted to it. Thankfully, there exists a brewer that is perfect for dorm rooms! The mini brewer heats and brews an 8 oz cup in under three minutes, and is compact enough for even the smallest dorm. There is a nearly endless variety of K-Cups to choose from, so you can brew many different types of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate with this machine.

Altec Lansing Moondance Glow iPod Speakers
Altec Lansing has been in the iPod speaker biz longer than anyone, so if any company makes quality iPod speakers, it’s this one. The Moondance Glow model is the particular one I’ve been drooling after; it features exceptional sound quality, mood lighting (ow ow), a built-in FM radio, and an alarm system that can wake you up with your favorite song. Although $200 is a bit much to shell out for iPod speakers, this is a high-quality product that is leaps and bounds above lower-end models that can cost anywhere between $99 and $130. This is a must-have on my list.

Corner Spacesaver Bookcase
The freshman dorm room is not exactly a palace, so maximizing the space you have to work with is key. This bookcase can turn a bare corner into extra storage space for books and other items that you can’t seem to fit anywhere else. Not only is it a useful item, but it is also adds a unique touch to your room. It may not be the most fun item to buy for your dorm, but storage is a necessity. So why not do it in style?

Katana Chair
Since most dorm rooms come equipped only with a soul-crushingly hard desk chair, I’m planning on indulging in an outrageously comfortable chair so I can lounge in my room on something other than my bed. And this chair just looks too damn comfy to pass up! The price tag is definitely up there, but my butt will surely thank me for being so thoughtful.

Dry Food Dispenser
This is probably the most unnecessary purchase on my list, but it gets a lot of points for creativity and fun. Forget cereal boxes and plastic containers; this should make getting up for morning classes a bit more festive, if nothing else. Even if it’s not the most practical item in the world, it can’t hurt to have a whimsical conversation piece for visitors who come over during the first few days of school – especially if they’re guys with a sense of humor!

What are some of the dorm buys you’re dying for this year?

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