A Productive Cure for The “I’m Bored” Munchies

A bag of ranch Doritos, an everything bagel and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food later, you’re lying immobile on the sofa with a bulging belly. Not only do you feel guilty and disgusting, but your breath plain stanks.

Oh girl, you’ve overdone it … again.

In trying times like these (cue the violin), you must ask yourself why you just shoveled those unneeded calories into your mouth. Were you actually hungry? Or were you just bored?

Probably the latter.

Somehow you’ve gotten into the habit of associating free time with eating. You’re done with class and you check the fridge. You take a study break and you pick up a Snickers bar. You go for a drive and and stop for ice cream. Quite a pattern.

Food’s a quick fix, but let’s end the regretful food overdoses for good and fight the boredom with something stimulating.

After tossing the fatty snacks (out of sight, out of mind!), sit down and make a list of all the things you need and want to accomplish in the next month. Hang it somewhere (in plain view!) in your kitchen. The next time you stumble upon a couple of Oreos, the list will be there, staring you in the face. You’ll be forced to reevaluate the situation.


Not really.

Do something on the list instead.

Not only will you get a lot more done on a daily basis (I spend a lot of time grazing in the evenings), but without the constant flow of food throughout the day, your body will drop excess weight quickly. More importantly, you will no longer hate yourself for eating until you empty the pantry.

Easy as pie (that you will not eat when you get bored).

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