Saturday Read: The Alphabetical Hookup List, by Phoebe McPhee

In the summer, I want to be entertained without thinking. I admit to occasionally cracking a textbook, but the majority of my summer reading tends to be a little mindless and purely entertaining. In the summer, I abandon content and literary merit in favor of laughs and a good story.

So here is a good story for all you readers. “The Alphabetical Hookup List” by Phoebe McPhee is a hilarious roller coaster series of three books. Starring Jodi, Celeste and Ali, three VERY different girls forced to live together in a dorm at Pollard University, the series is literally a laugh-a-minute.

At first, the girls don’t get along at all and try to sabotage each other. Finally, over a bottle of tequlia one night, they bond, and decide to embark on the quest from which the title gets its name. They will compete in a contest to find out who can kiss a boy whose name starts with each letter of the alphabet the fastest. From that plot line alone, you can imagine all the terrific hook-up stories that fill this book.

Besides the laughs that come from the girls attempting to kiss their way through all 26 letters the fastest, there are also attempts to join sororities, pass classes and avoid some pretty interesting characters the girls meet along the way. Well, maybe interesting isn’t the right word…

Summer is the perfect time to turn off the brain and enjoy books for once; The Alphabetical Hookup List is just the way to do it.

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Queer Eye for the Straight Girl
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