I Just Don’t Want A Baby


Aw, so cute! Thank god she belongs to someone else!


I have this problem and it seems as though other girls I know simply don’t have it.

The problem: I don’t want a baby.

Earlier this morning, I watched a two-year-old (with an English accent!) walking around and laughing, and he was hilariously cute. I smiled. I said things like, “Aww…he’s so smart!” And I truly meant the things I said. I truly thought he was adorable. But seeing a kid and thinking that kid is adorable doesn’t make me want one.

I love being an aunt. My niece and nephew are absolutely amazing and I, like many proud aunts and uncles, think they’re flawless godsends. There’s nothing they can do to make me love them any less than I already do.

But I just don’t want any babies of my own.

Most of the girls I’m friends with seem to have a problem with this part of me. They tell me that I’ll change one day, that motherhood is the most beautiful experience in the world, that I just need to wait until I meet the right guy, etc.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case.

I am admittedly way too selfish for a kid. I never want to give up my career, my passion for travel, my friends, my ability to live my life randomly, or even my money for a baby. I just don’t want a baby badly enough to make those sacrifices.

Is that so wrong?

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