5 Ads That Make Me Want to Abstain

Abstinence and sex education was a hot-button issue in our recent election.  It was also a funny and ironic topic, considering the events that played out.  The Republican party was making grand speeches about abstinence-only education and the virtues of waiting until marriage (a la The Jonas Brothers) while Bristol Palin was out getting knocked up.  Hah.  Apparently she doesn’t watch Jon & Katie Plus 8 (or do any babysitting), ’cause that pretty much closes up shop downtown for me.

As long as people continue having sex before marriage, there will be people trying to stop them.  The best part about this (well, the only good part, actually) is the advertising.  Here are the Top 5 Funniest Abstinence Ads Ever. If these don’t make you want to change your sexy ways, I’m not sure what will:

I always knew deep down that engineers could never get laid, and now I know it’s true:

Do you think you get a thank-you note for that? (You know, besides the inability to sit for three days…)

Pretty sure abstinence isn’t a choice for the guy in the middle:

Old school, yet effective. Nothing like a little fear (and a cartoon dictator) to keep people’s legs closed.

Iowa’s abstinence mission tries so hard to be hip and with it. They get us, they really get us!

Overheard: Textual Abuse
Overheard: Textual Abuse
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