Body Blog: Manage Your Mood Swings

So I don’t know if I’m just PMSing or tired, but I’ve been kind of a moody bitch to my boyfriend lately. We’ll be having a perfectly normal conversation and suddenly we’re arguing about the silliest thing. What’s terrible is that I know what we’re fighting about isn’t important. I mean, just because he would rather spend his Sunday night watching TV instead of going to my friend’s BBQ doesn’t really make it OK for me to get annoyed. He’s being honest and I don’t want to drag him along to something that he’s not in the mood for. Right?

Why can’t I just accept this and move on?

As someone who always likes to do a little investigating to ensure personal growth, I researched ways to control my immature and unwarranted reactions. And what I came across has definitely cleared a few things up.

Number one, regular exercise is essential when it comes to a good mood. Physical activity, whether it involves cardio or strength training, produces those fantastic feel-good neurotransmitters known as endorphins. They boost seratonin levels to improve your mood naturally. Because of a busy and stressful week of late, I made zero time to work out. So this has definitely been a factor in my irritability. Sorry Zach.

Number two, taking 1,200 milligrams of a calcium supplement daily has been proven to reduce PMS symptoms by 48%. Um, yea. I definitely haven’t been doing that.

Number three, it’s important to get those angry feelings on paper. Writing down negative emotions is a therapeutic and healthy way of venting without starting a fight. While, I think it can sometimes be difficult to excuse yourself from the potential argument to go write in your journal (“Why do you have to be so difficult and – er – hold on, I’ll BRB!”), it may be a good daily activity. Perhaps venting to a journal is healthier than releasing all that anger on the people around you.

Number four, separate yourself from angry feelings by taking a deep breath. Pause, inhale, count to four, slowly exhale. This exercise repeated a few times will totally relieve tension and force you to rethink any nasty words that sit on the tip of your tongue. I must admit that I’ve been aware of this one but didn’t put it to use recently. I know it works.

Number five, recite a calming mantra. Take a moment, similarly to the breathing method, and tell yourself, “Calm down,” “Don’t blow-up,” or “This too will pass.” You’ll think twice before acting like a bitch.

The next time I feel that fire building in my belly I will remember these five mood management practices. If you’ve tried them, did they work for you?

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