Life After College: First Day on the “Job”


Alright it’s just another internship. I’m not stressed. But I actually need this internship to lead to something. I must make a good impression. Now I’m stressed. Is that my subway line? Is it safe? Am I the only girl on here? Is this going to be the first scene in my lifetime movie of a internship gone horribly wrong?

Okay, okay the subway ride wasn’t so bad and I’m only an hour early. Too early. Could I look more overeager? I’ll go sit in the Dunkin Donut’s for awhile and get a coffee. Okay drinking that coffee took five minutes. No one is responding to my texts. Maybe I have no cell service in Brooklyn. Yeah that’s it. Alright 9:41, that’s a good time, I look professionally early. I hope my hair is still straight.

Yeah I’ll smile for my  ID badge but that camera seems to be at quite the awkward angle.  Oh my god this is my ID for the whole summer? I look horrible and my hair is curling. Hand flatten my hair, hand flatten, oh my god that’s my boss remove hand from hair casually.

Alright this is easy, I’m settling in. The computer’s nice, a little slow, a lot slow, why is it freezing on my screen full of gchats. Please don’t let anyone look over here. Should I be doing something, was there something they gave me to do that I forgot? They’re going to think I’m an idiot if I ask.

Oh it’s time for tour; that’s great I love tours. I want to be a professional tour guide. Did I say that out loud? I did. Great now they think I want to be a professional tour guide, I’m going to be showing people around all summer.  Is my dress riding up? It’s riding up high, pull it down and keep walking calmly.

Everyone’s so nice here. Oh is that chocolate? Thanks, I love chocolate. Regret that decision to eat that, I bet I have it on my teeth, I can feel it all over my teeth. Is there a mirror anywhere? No but that picture frame is shiny, can I see my teeth in it? Check. Continue talking calmly.

Oh it’s 5:00 already. That was easy today. No stress. But tomorrow I’ll have real work, I bet it’s hard. Is the subway safe at this time of night?

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