Movies That Won’t Make Your Boyfriend Die Inside

It’s Friday night, you and the boy are hanging around and the idea of a movie comes up. An awkward moment passes where you both try and think of something to watch. Then slowly, his head lowers, his eyes go glassy and he utters the words “Whatever you want to watch.” He has just accepted the fact that he will probably spend the next two hours in the third circle of guy-hell – the chick flick.

We all know they hate it; if it wasn’t for the magic spell that “boobies” hold over men, they would never, ever watch most of the things we do. So they next time he decides to take one for the team and utters those little words, surprise him with something that won’t make him (or you) want to curl into a fetal position and close your eyes until it’s over.

The Jerk – Classic Steve Martin. The story of a man, raised by a black family, only to grow up and be crushed that he’s “going to stay this color!” He sets out to wander the world, looking for his “special purpose” plus, you know, love, success, and comedy gold . If either of you hasn’t seen it, it’s a must. Selling Point for Him – Steve Martin early in his career
BONUS: You’ll both love what he discovers his “special purpose” is.

Snatch Jason Statham and Brad Pitt star in this action-crime comedy about a boxing promoter who ends up in too deep with a mob boss and needs an amazing bare-knuckle brawler to throw a fight to get him out of it. There’s also a hilarious subplot about a group of guys who steal a huge jewel.
Selling Point for Him – Plenty of crime, action and a touch of gore. And Brad Pitt’s fight sequences might actually be more awesome than those in Fight Club.
Brad Pitt looking crazy hot, being funny and almost never wearing a shirt. Yeah, baby!

True Lies A Schwarzenegger spoof on spy movies, which is also a spy movie (imagine The Princess Bride, but with espionage). The Governator is a spy hiding his real job from his family. Jamie Lee Curtis is his wife who gets convinced that she’s mixed up in a CIA plot and it all ends up with some real danger for both.
Selling Point for Him: Arnold, Jamie Lee (with a surprisingly hot body) stripping and a climactic fight on top of a fighter plane.
BONUS: Underneath, it’s all really about relationships and the things we hide from the people we love most.

Grosse Pointe BlankA great John Cusack rom-com about a hitman who goes back to his high-school reunion and the girl he never got over. It’s got all the Cusack-y-ness that you loved in Say Anything, and all the killing people your boyfriend could want.
Selling Point for Him –
The shoot-out in a convenience store that ends in an explosion.
He just might get some sweet ideas from John-boy on how to be romantic.

Last of the Mohicans The first time anyone realized that Daniel Day-Lewis was sexy. It’s all about an American settler who’s adopted by the Mohicans and grows up to kill a bunch of guys during the British/French colonial clash. He also spends a fair portion of the movie protecting two British women and falling for one of them.
Selling Point for Him:
There are two major tomahawk fights. Yep, that should do it.
BONUS: Did I mention Daniel Day-Lewis is sexy? Because he’s sexy.

Swingers – Since you’re probably tired of action movies by now, this one is basically a romantic comedy from a guy’s perspective. It’s all about a guy trying to get over a break-up and his friends taking him out to try and help him move on. This is one of those movies that guys seem to universally love and it’s a funny sort of insight into their private world.
Selling Point for Him:
Vince Vaughn is on top form here, at his fast-talking best.
You just might be able to talk him into learning to swing-dance after this one… OK, maybe not.

So, as much as you would like to watch The Notebook for the 437th time, give the poor guy a break once in a while. Plus, you can show him the list, and maybe the next time you mumble “whatever you want to watch” you won’t get stuck with Steven Segal.

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