Tuffy Luv Stops a Catfight

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Dear Tuffy Luv,

Ok, I have a question, and I need a response asap. I hooked up with this guy, like, 2 weeks ago, and his girlfriend, yes his girlfriend, found out today! Ugh, I knew that he had a girlfriend at the time, but I didn’t care and he promised that he would never tell!!!! So much 4 that promise. Anyway, I have her in one of my classes and she sits right behind me and I have just been ditching that class to avoid her, but I can’t do that 4ever! What do i do? I feel so guilty, but he has cheated on her 5 times b4!!!! Ugh, this sucks. But No Regrets, ever. Help me please!


Dear MamaBeast,

Well, you should regret this. Hooking up with another girl’s man is just not cool. And that’s that.

That said, it’s not your fault he cheated. And if he’s cheated on her before, she should have known he’d cheat on her again. Ridic.

You’re right that you can’t ditch class forever. My advice to you is to find a way to talk to her BEFORE the next class. Do NOT do this on the phone and especially not on email! You need to stand face to face and be honest with her. Yeah, you knew they were together. Yeah, you shouldn’t have done it. But tell her you’re really sorry – you know it was wrong and it won’t happen again.

If she gets in your face about it, remind her (politely, seriously, you don’t want a fight) that he’s the one cheating on her. You’re not her friend and you can hook up with whoever you want. Make it clear you’re just saying sorry because you want things to be cool between the two of you, NOT because you’re responsible for him cheating on her.

I hope that girl breaks up with that guy, because he WILL cheat again.

Hopefully you won’t let it be with you.

Hearts & Skulls,
Tuffy Luv

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