He Said/She Said: Cuddle Time


Don’t get me wrong, I love me some sexy time, especially early in the morning. But as much as I love to kickstart my day with a roll in the sack, there is nothing I heart more than a really good cuddle sesh. Totally girly, I know.

How can anyone not love it, though? Just laying around, feeling the adoration of your partner… It’s what sets the one night stand apart from the real I’m-totally-into-you relationship and, in my opinion, the most intimate act a couple can do.

Everyone knows that guys don’t feel the same way, though. If you’re not boinking, they want no part of it. But why is that? And how do we get our dudes to devote some quality time to being the big spoon? I asked and a dude answered. Here’s what he had to say:

cudding 1

cudding 2

cuddling 3

cuddling 4

cuddling 5

cuddling 6

cuddling 7

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