I’m Awesome, I Know It, and I Don’t Think It’s a Problem


Sometimes you see/read the craziest things on the internet (two girls, one cup…) that can make you laugh hysterically or get really angry (or – in the case of two girls, one cup – make you hurl).  Today I read something that made me do both.  A blogger on thedailybeast.com scribbled a little article about our generation and the increase in narcissism.  Not only did the article indicate that most of us are narcissistic sluts, but it also said that our “I can do and have anything I want” attitude is preventing us from focusing on close, emotional relationships.

Wait, what?

I don’t know about you… wait, yes I do. We’ve all been force-fed the idea our entire lives that we need to focus on ourselves and build a strong character so we can be independent enough to survive. We’ve been taught since birth that if we want something we need to do whatever we can to get it for ourselves.  How is going after what we want and expecting the best lives for ourselves suddenly narcissistic?!

Is it wrong to like myself and want to do things just for me before I settle down to have one of those close, emotional relationships? Or to, I don’t know, look for my perfect mate? No, I think not.

I’ll admit that some of the examples of narcissism in our generation cited in the article are genuinely crazy: you’d have to be clinically insane to hire paparazzi to follow you around for the weekend (and besides, aren’t they busy with Brangelina?) or get a professional photographer to take your Facebook photo (if you do this, you are lame).  But that’s not the norm.

And, sure, Twittering what you had for lunch or thinking that you could be the next Chelsea Handler may be a little more narcissistic than people of the past, but so what! If you can’t love yourself, who will?  The consensus is that you have to love yourself before you can love someone else (thank you, Dr. Phil, Oprah, Tyra, etc.) and I guess we’re just better at that than previous generations.  The ability to love and focus on oneself should not be a scapegoat for our apparent lack of traditional relationships, as the article has made it out to be:

…a few unreturned booty texts and some one-night stands might be the least of the collateral damage wrought by the narcissism epidemic. Narcissists are myopically focused on how they appear to the world. Translated into the realm of romantic relationships, the message comes across as: I’m great, and you’d better be, too.

I’d rather be a narcissist with a good job and a great sex life than a pushover in a dead-end relationship who can’t stand on her own two feet (not like those are the only choices – I’m just saying).

I say screw this article!  I AM awesome and whoever I date better be just as awesome.  No, I’m not completely obsessed with myself and no, my life isn’t perfect.  I just want to be an independent, strong single lady with a positive attitude.  We have the world at our feet, why not try to grab up as much of it as we can?

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