Beer Does a Body Good


If you’re a better person than I (and you probably are), you probably go running and do exercise and whatnot.  When you finish said aerobic activities, you probably feel exhausted, drained, and thirsty.  What should you reach for when you need to rehydrate? BEER!

According to a new (and awesome) study, beer hydrates slightly better than water.  Well…hell yeah!  I’m totally on board with this.  As much as I love water, an ice-cold beer is just much more satisfying when you’re hot and dripping sweat (from all kinds of activities…).  I even think that beer can provide more than merely enhanced hydration.  Here are four other benefits of drinking beer:

Increased Guy Cred – Dudes are constantly saying how much they want a woman who isn’t high maintenance and who will just be cool with chilling out at a BBQ or at the local dive bar with the guys.  Beer will instantly give the illusion that you’re just one of the guys…albeit a really hot one with silky hair and great breasts.

Hunger Control – Beer is fizzy and pretty packed with carbs, so it’s pretty much an awesome meal replacement (not that I condone this in any way).  160 calories as compared to 300-500 calories?  Great success.

Good For Your Health: Studies prove that a beer a day can reduce your risk of stroke, heart and vascular disease. Imagine what a keg stand can do for that body of yours!

Sweet Deliciousness –  Mmm, beer.  Screw the image and the other stuff: beer is just straight up delicious and refreshing.  Cheers, homies.

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