CollegeCandy’s No Doubt (No Sh*t!) Ticket Giveaway


There’s No Doubt (sorry, couldn’t resist!) that Gwen Stefani rocks. She’s just got that amazing vibe and practically oozes that cool, natural, rock star attitude that every chick envies. And, hello, that woman’s got some maaajor talent.

So, what’s better than sexy, sassy singer Gwen? Gwen back in action with her former 3 band members and touring together once again! Hell ya, baby. Is there anything better than a little Tragic Kingdom…live? I think not.

This summer is going to be insane for No Doubt fans! The kick-ass tour starts June 10 in Virginia and heads across the country, from coast to coast.  And you, my CollegeCandy friends, can see it all live. FOR FREE!

Excuse Me, Mr.? (Sorry, had to do it again…)

Yes, it’s true. CollegeCandy is going to make your No Doubt dreams come true. We’re giving away a $150 Ticketmaster gift certificate for you to buy 2 tickets to the concert in your town. And, since we’re oh so generous, we’re also going to give away one (1) $50 iTunes gift card to download the entire No Doubt discography and two (2) autographed copies of No Doubt’s The Singles 1992 – 2003!*

It’s like No Doubt heaven!

How do you win? Well, it’s simple.

Are you a member of CollegeCandy’s Facebook group? Well, you might want to be because the person who gets the most people to join the group will take home the grand prize gift certificate to Ticketmaster. The person who sends the second most people to the group will get the iTunes gift card, and the people who get the 3rd and 4th most people to join up will get their autographed copy of the No Doubt Singles CD, all furnished by State Farm!

Pretty easy, eh? Just tell your lady friends to join our awesome group! When they join, have them leave a message on the wall that says “(Your name) sent me.” (So, if you are Jason Segal, we want to marry you your friends would say “Hottie Patottie Jason Segal sent me.”)

And that’s that. You have until 5pm EST on Friday, June 19th to round up all your friends. We will announce the winners through Facebook and send your prizes on over!

(P.S. If you’re a die hard No Doubt fan and want the ultimate No Doubt experience, check out their very own contest sponsored by State Farm where you can win a VIP trip to see them in Vegas. Get in line, though – we’ll be entering that shiz too.)

*Contest open to US citizens only.

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