Duke It Out: The Romper

Call it a jumpsuit, catsuit, an adult onesie, whatever – these things are obviously all the rage… in magazines at least. I’ve been seeing these grown-up versions of your favorite baby-wear all over the fashion mags (and even this very site) this season and I have to admit, on the glossy pages, they look cute. But I also notice that I haven’t seen an actual human being (excluding mechanics) wearing them in real life. Is this just another fashion-world thing, or are there packs of romper-wearers running wild some place I haven’t seen?

According to pretty much everyone in the fashion industry, rompers are the perfect summer outfit because they’re comfy, versatile and you don’t have to think about them much. Ok, I can see that. They supposedly give you a pulled together look that can be dressed up or down. Alright, I’m liking this. But then I notice a little problem – when you inevitably have to pee during the day (and let’s face it, you will have to pee), you basically have to strip down to your skivvies in a bathroom that probably isn’t your own. I am officially not down with that.

Also, models and celebs definitely make these things look cute, and the idea of a no-think outfit is insanely appealing on days when I’m trying to think as little as possible, but I worry that maybe this is the sort of thing you need to be a fashionista to pull off – could it be that I’m just not cool enough for the romper? Or maybe this is one of those things that only looks good if you have a professional stylist and a body weight less than that of the actual outfit?

In fact, as I search the web, I am finding way more advice about how to wear these things than reasons why I should, which makes me think no one can figure these out.

So, what do you think? Is self-consciousness making me a fashion snob in front of a cool new trend or is this really the sort of thing that only works inside of a magazine?

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