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The Budget Stylista: Budget Beach Babe


beach girls

I don’t get the appeal of the expensive beach babe. First of all, budget beach babe just sounds better. Second, I simply don’t understand the point of spending so much on a bathing suit just because the piping is plaid. What is the point of spending that much on something that isn’t even original. You look down the row of lounge chairs at a hot Miami hotel and it’s like Burberry drank too much last night resulting in a major hangover and then vomited all over the sunbathers.

There are SO many cute bathing suits, cover ups, sunglasses, totes, etc., out there that are muy cheapo but look muy expensivo. Plus, not only do you look like a beach babe, you look like an original that-girl-has-mad-fashion-sense one to boot.

Just don’t forget your SPF. Even I can’t make a person-turned-lobster look cute.

Not everyone feels comfortable in a bikini, and this one-piece screams retro chic yet whispers oh so softly, “I’m hiding a muffing top in here!”

vs bathingsuit

The sailboat pattern and retro style top is cute, original and, let’s cut to the chase, will make those gal pals that sit on your chest look mad hot.

vs bikini
I absolutely LOVE this dress. It makes a super cute beach cover up or the perfect summer sundress. Those bows? Adorbs.

dress front dress side

Just like a white tee brings out that summer tan, these white frames will make your bronze cheeks glow. And the shape is just right for every face.


Sunhats aren’t reserved for grandmas anymore. The are the hottest beach accessory this summer, especially for a beach diva like you. Not only will this khaki hat keep your face from getting burned (and wrinkley in 30 years), but will also keep anyone from noticing you checking those beach boys with the six-packs.

beach hat

With a twist! A beach staple, obvi.

Picture 1

Beach Tote:
You need a bag for all those water bottles (i.e. flasks), sunscreen, Us Weeklies, and anything else you need for the beach, and this one is perfect. It’s big, it’s bright, and it ties up top so you won’t lose your precious iPod when your friend kicks your bag over as she runs to the water.

beach bag

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