Saturday Read: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

It seems that these days, everybody is obsessed with vampires. Since “Twilight” burst onto the literary scene, an entire genre of vampire fiction has emerged. However, Charlaine Harris with her Sookie Stackhouse novels (as they are known) was present long before Stephanie Meyer. And for those of you who enjoy a slightly supernatural twist on your reading, but feel a bit too mature for “Twilight,” Harris will fill that void.

You may recognize the name Sookie Stackhouse from the popular HBO series “True Blood,” which was inspired by Harris’ series and characters. The book and the TV show are very similar; same characters, same situations. However, as I often find, the book is better than the television or theatrical interpretation.

Sookie is a completely lovable character. Living a simple life in the simple town of Bon Temps, Louisana, her whole world is twisted when a vampire enters the bar where she works. In Sookie’s world, vampires have “come out of the closet” and live among humans, sometimes peacefully, sometimes……not. Sookie takes a particular interest in vampire Bill and soon enough, they develop a relationship.

What I found intriguing about this novel is that Harris parallels real-life relationship struggles with the vampire-human relationship, such as the ever-present issue of different races and religions. Harris uses the vampire platform to demonstrate how couples of different races or religions face criticism from their community and their family and friends.

I found myself completely and totally lost in “Dead Until Dark.” Harris is a great writer; simple, but to the point. I could not put down Sookie’s story and often imagined myself walking along with her and Bill. As with all of my summer reads, the story and language need not be complicated for the book to be entertaining. I fully enjoyed “Dead Until Dark,” and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a more mature “Twilight” or just a supernatural summer read!

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