Summer TV We Can’t Wait To See

I know that most people are excited for beach trips, suntans and reading for pleasure this summer, but what’s getting me revved up for the next three months is the totally rad summer TV lineup. After all, sometimes we need to take a break from road trips, slip and slides, and parties and soak in laziness.  Agreed?

And with all the amazingness that summer TV has to offer, kicking back with a Diet Coke and some Smart Pop (and probably some aloe to rub on that “I’m having so much fun I forgot to put on sunscreen” burn) will be just as good as a day at the wave pool. Actually, considering the amount of chilren that pee in that place, this is a whole lot better.

Secret Life of the American Teenager
June 22

The Secret Life is back, baby!! When the season ended, Amy delivered baby John, Ashley moved in with her dad, Grace + Jack = 4-ever, and Adrian ended up alone.  Season Two brings more baby mama drama for Amy, and SOMEONE WILL DIE! (Duh duh duuuuuh.)

Army Wives
In Progress

Think being a soldier in the army is hard? It is. But the Army Wives have their own troubles: falling out of love with their husbands stationed in Iraq, starting a career, kissing a doctor (boss), getting a motorcycle, sending their sons off to war, having an affair… it’s a rough time!! And that was only one army wife.  This circle of women is tough! They fight off stalkers, tend to husbands with PTSD, deal with the death of family members, and battle the vicious tongues of the other prying wives. This show is incredibly moving and drama-rific; perfect for a summer night.

Nurse Jackie
In Progress

Oh yeahhh! Edie Falco is back on the tube. Unfortunately, she is no longer Carmela Soprano.  Instead she plays Jackie O’Hurley, an emergency room nurse in New York City.  Jackie is brilliant, sarcastic and witty, but super flawed and abuses meds to get through the days.  I smell drama.

(PS. For those looking for a Twilight fix, Peter Facinelli plays a doctor on the show! Hotness.)

July 12

Maybe you’ve got a Soft spot for E, a secret crush on Turtle, hots for Drama, totally wanna eff Vince. Or maybe you love ’em all. (Sigh.) Either way, they are comin’ back in a big way and bringing some hot friends along with em. In Entourage’s sixth season, expect cameos by teen heartthrob Zac Efron, Kate Mara (E’s new secretary) and more.  Let’s just hope things turn up for Vince… and he doesn’t lose (CollegeCandy’s fave) Ari to the other side of Hollywood.

NYC Prep
June 23

Gossip Girl’s season just ended but never fear – there is a replacement. Albeit, a watered down replacement sans the Blair-Chuck drama and soothing voice of an anonymous tell-all. NYC Prep is a reality show (yes, another one) that stalks the “elite teens” of New York City and gives us glimpses of their (totally absurd, puke-in-your-mouth) drama.  Yes, it’s embarrassing to be excited for this, but we won’t tell if you won’t.

Jon and Kate plus Eight
In Progress

Jon and Kate are taking care of their eight kids and struggling with their marriage. With the tabloids showcasing Jon’s alleged affair with a 23-year-old,  his family speaking out against the supposed child exploitation, and  the humane society is after Jon for animal abuse – this show just got higher on my radar.

True Blood
June 14

If you didn’t watch this show last season, you better start. Just be prepared for some serious vampire sexy time (this is most definitely not Twilight).  True Blood promises a lot more nudity and violence this season and yes, just as much romance.  Rumor has it that Evan Rachel Wood (known for Across the Universe, Marilyn Manson’s ex-gf, Thirteen) will be in Season 2 as a powerful, vampire Queen.

America’s Got Talent
June 23

Most of the people on this show amaze me.  Most.

Project Runway
August 20

Project Runway is finally back and even if it’s now on Lifetime, it’s still gonna be good.  It’s been far too long since we’ve had our Tim Gunn/Heidi Klum/Michael Kors fix, so we’re trying to make it work as we count down the days to the premiere.

10 Things I hate about you
July 7

Should there even be a television series based on a classic movie? Will it survive one season? Why oh why are all the Nickelodeon and Disney tween idols acting in it? I can’t answer any of these questions, but I will most definitely be watching.

Saturday Read: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
Saturday Read: Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
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