Wardrobe Wish List: Stanton Sandal

[I want it, I need it, I can’t live without it. There are so many things on store shelves and racks right now that we want to take home and hang in our closets. Things that are so cute, everyone should know about them. We’ll share ‘em with you here (because we’re that nice), but as far as actually getting them goes….well, you’re on your own with that one.]

I’ve never paid much attention to the Tory Burch brand. Seeing every girl and her mother walking around in those flats with the instantly recognizable golden medallion was quite enough. However, I recently stumbled upon these gladiators, and I have to say that they’re one of the nicest pairs I’ve seen.

I need em, I need em, I need em!

The Stanton sandal is made of leather and comes in black or tan. There are three square buckles: one each at the ankle, arch, and toe. The sandal appears more elegant than some other gladiators, which can have so many straps or buckles covering your feet that you might as well wear sneakers. What also makes this design a bit different is that the straps do not simply run parallel to one another. I like how two straps form an X across the top with two straps running along the sides, making it incredibly flattering on any ankle.

What I don’t love, however, is the $265 pricetag. I’d have to work long and hard (and turn up the charm for some major tips) to add these to my collection. A girl can dream, though.

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