Your Pictures Are For The Taking

Last Christmas, a nice family got together to take a photo for their yearly holiday cards. Last week, that same family discovered their photo…in Prague…being used for a local grocery store chain’s advertising campaign. Weird? Weird.

That little sitch got us thinking about all the photos we post online. Truth is, you never know who can get their grubby little paws on your stuff once you’ve handed it over to the world wide web, especially considering you can never really take it down. Who knows what weird company ( is going to pick up your drunken selfie and splash it on billboards (or websites) nationwide?

It can happen to anyone, even you, drunk girl dancing on a table in the bar. Just look how simple it is:

“Supercuts. Now offering the Kate Gosselin ‘do for dudes!”

“24 Hour Fitness – Specializing in eliminating muffin tops since 2001.”

“VH1 is now holding auditions for Rock of Love Bus 28”

“ We have a match for everyone. Even you.”

“Dr. Schwartzenstein has been performing successful sex changes since 1981.”

“Alcoholic’s Anonymous can help.”

“Get Tested.”

Act Like a Man on National Man Day
Act Like a Man on National Man Day
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