Time To Reconsider Sex On The Beach

Summer time is here and romance is in the air.  Beachy hair, tan skin, and cute boys are the perfect combo getting everyone in the mood for some love and lust.  So what better way to take advantage of the good weather, spice up the sex life, and get down and dirty (literally) than to take it outside?

Gettin’ naughty a pool, hot tub, or on the beach has been a popular fantasy since Adam gave it to Eve in the Garden of Eden. But maybe it’s not such a good idea. Studies show that this seemingly adventurous act may not be worth the risks, after all.

Condoms + Water = Bad
Thanks to the chemicals used in swimming pools and hot tubs, condoms can be totally ineffective. They can rupture and deteriorate from the heat and chlorine, not to mention slip right off because of the water.  And yes, your chances of getting pregnant in the water are the same, so don’t think you can just skip using the latex this time.

Beach + Sex = Badder
A study published in the Environmental Science and Technology Journal found that there are some dangerous microbes in that luxurious beach sand.  Also, 91% of the beaches in the study had detectable levels of enterococco (bacteria that can cause UTI’s, endocarditis, diverictulitis and meningitis).  I don’t even know what half of those are, but they sure don’t sound good.

Sand Between You…Well, You Know
Sand may feel good to sink your toes in, but it’s not the same story when you sink your vajayjay in there.  Not only is a sandpapery vajay uncomfortable (ew), but it can cause major infections and take a long time to remove completely.  Not to mention, there are some creepy crawlers in the sand. You’ve already got one scary thing comin’ at ya, do you really want to worry about one with pinchers?

Not-So-Hot Tubs
Although these bubbly baths of joy may seem like the perfect place for some steamy, hot sex, the truth is, they are more like bubbly baths of bacteria.  Gettin’ it on in the hot tub could leave you with a nasty yeast infection or other unpleasant ailments.

Being In Water Doesn’t Mean You’re “Wet”

Water can wash away our natural lubrication, causing sex to far less enjoyable than you’d like. So if you’re still turned on by water sex after reading the above facts, your little gal pal downstairs may not agree.

Bad for The Boys
A 2007 study conducted by the University of California, San Fransisco, found that wet heat can cause fertility problems for men.  Although, on second thought, that might not be such a bad thing…

Sorry to ruin the mood, ladies, but it seems like keeping the sex indoors might not sound as fun, but will keep you infection free. (Well, as long as that boy’s sheets are clean…)

Tuffy Luv Sez, You Ain’t No Cow
Tuffy Luv Sez, You Ain’t No Cow
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