CollegeCandy Goes Granola!

It’s no secret we are slightly obsessed with granola. And not in the Birkenstock-don’t-shave-your-pits sorta way. We’re talking the cereal. We love it, especially when we can make it all our own.

What’s not to love? It’s healthy, it’s filling, and it’s the quickest meal you can make when you’ve spent 3 hours online and are now totally late for class.

We’re so passionate about this healthy snacking alternative (it has replaced our daily Cakester intake) that we’ve teamed up with the guys at to bring you our very special CollegeCandy blends. We got just what every college girl needs: breakfast, a late night snack and the perfect blend for those PMS-I-hate-everyone-and-everything days.

This stuff is seriously delicious and I’m not just saying that. I ate an entire canister of the PMS blend while lying on the couch with a heating pad on my belly watching a Lifetime movie marathon. Pathetic? Yes. Did it make me feel better? Absolutely.

So enjoy this gift from us to you.
Get your granola on here.

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