CC Beauty Live: No Blemishes Here

You wake up, go into your bathroom, and look into the mirror. You then scream “WHAT THE EFF IS ON MY FACE?!” It happens. We all break out. If you say you never do, either you’re lying or you don’t PMS. But I digress. You were supposed to go out today, but how can you possibly do that with honker like that on your face?

[gorillanation id=57871]

No fear, I’m here to help!

First things first, DO NOT pick or pop your zits. Seriously, take your hands away from your face! Sit on them if you have to, just do NOT touch that zit.  If it’s a really bad one, grab some ice to reduce the redness and swelling and that’s it. Next, follow the steps in this video and in less than 4 minutes your face will look like nothing ever happened!

Have Your Cake and Drink It, Too!
Have Your Cake and Drink It, Too!
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