Shopping Your Closet: Summer Scarves

I know there is a serious anti-summer-scarf movement out there, but I am not a part of it. I love scarves – yes, even in the summer. They are really versatile pieces and can really add a lot to an otherwise boring wardrobe. And they can be incorporated in many ways – not just tying those suckers around your neck.

This summer, a lightweight scarf (e.g. silk) is an essential accessory. If you don’t own one already, you can buy one for less than $20 at these stores: Delia’s, Gap, Charlotte Russe, Forever 21. Or buy a few from all of these stores; there are so many cute things you can do with ’em, you’re going to wanna stock up.

    The most common way to wear a summer scarf is, obviously, around your neck. They can be tied in several different ways to fit your personal style best. Wear a blouse with a small silk scarf tied right at the neck (no, it’s not just for moms!), or let a longer, cotton scarf hang down over a dress, tee or tank. If you have a large square shaped scarf, fold it into a triangle and drape it (lay across your chest and bring the edges around behind your neck) over a t-shirt for an instantly chic-ified look.

    1. Chicos Glimmer Daisy Scarf $25
    2. Express Silk Scarf $14.99
    3. Urban Outfitters silk jacquard scarf $28

    Another way to wear a scarf is as a belt. To jazz up a pair of jeans, pull a long, colorful scarf through the belt holes and tie at the side. Just keep your top relatively simple so that the patterns don’t clash. You can also use a fun scarf to cinch the waist of a dress. Here the scarf does double flatter-duty: it highlights your smallest part and draws positive attention to it by catching everyone’s eye.

    1. Gap Silk Petal Tie Dye Scarf $9.99
    2. Forever 21 Knotted Back Knit Dress $18.90
    3. Forever 21 Crinkled  Tie Dye Scarf  $4.50
    4. True Religion Billy Straight Leg Jeans $175

    You can also add a touch of personal style (while saving some moolah) to a handbag by tying a silky scarf to the handle. Instead of carrying multiple handbags, carry the same one each day and tie a new scarf on.

    1. Tommy Hilfiger Delray Item Tote $69 at
    2. Charlotte Russe Tropical Floral Scarf $8.99

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