Hitched or Ditched: America Says “I Do” To Hypocrisy

As same-sex couples around the country take to the battlefields to fight for their right to marry, American TV is making a mockery of the very thing these couples are wishing for. The collective majority of Americans are against allowing a same-sex couple to enjoy the sanctity of marriage, claiming we should “protect the institution of marriage” and uphold traditional American values. Yet, a new reality show reveals America’s hypocritical nature by turning marriage into a cheap game show.

Hitched or Ditched poses the ultimate ultimatum to a rocky couple: Get married in a week or end it for good. Viewers are drawn to the drama and suspense of whether a couple will say “I do” or be publicly humiliated with rejection. This all or nothing, sh*t-or-get-off-the-pot attitude cheapens the idea of marriage. This show will only reinforce our generation’s cynical attitude that marriages and weddings are nothing more than expensive circuses built around an attention-whoring couple. Something akin to the Speidi extravaganza comes to mind.

This is also an example of why our divorce rate is so high. Couples end up at the alter for all the wrong reasons. They feel pressure from each other or friends and family. They marry to take advantage of the monetary benefits, or they see marriage as an excuse to throw a blowout party in their name. But these are the couples who America roots for. These are the couples who are allowed to participate in a sacred union that is continually denied to legitimately in-love couples.

The same people who are picketing against gay marriage are sitting on their couches and watching America exploit matrimony for entertainment value. Where is the logic in that?

Hitched or Ditched is trainwreck reality TV that cheapens the battle that same-sex couples go to bat for everyday. I, for one, will stick with Who’s Wedding Is It Anyway.

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