Makeup 101: Waterproof Your Face


Makeup is supposed to help your look out and enhance beauty, but what happens when you mix makeup with humidity, sweat, and waves? Raccoon eyes, that’s what.  Raccoon eyes aren’t even a good look for raccoons, so they definitely won’t add to your summer style.

Luckily there are tons of waterproof makeup products out there to prevent this problem, whether you’re hanging out in the ocean or laughing-so-hard-you-cry at The Hangover. And here are a few of the very best ones  to keep you from sporting a Hamburgler look this summer.

Mascara: First of all, know what you are looking for.  Obviously most mascaras that are waterproof are labeled as such, but just in case, the ingredient you are looking for is isododecanne.  Other than that ingredient, waterproof mascara has essentially the same ingredients as regular mascara.  If you have really sensitive eyes this ingredient might irritate them, so discontinue use if that is the case.

If you’re in the mood (and money) to test out a bunch of different waterproof mascaras, try out Sephora’s Splashstash Waterproof Deluxe Sampler.  For only $36 you can try out several mini-sized mascaras and eyeliners, and it even includes a makeup remover.  If variety isn’t your thing, try one of my personal favorite waterproof mascaras:  Tarte’s Lights, Cameras, Spashes! (check out that super cute case!) and Clinique’s Gentle Waterproof Mascara.  Remember, because waterproof mascara includes an irritable ingredient you must make sure to remove it at the end of the day.

Foundation: Yes, there is such a thing as waterproof foundation! And Dior created it. This foundation is perfect for a day at the beach.  Not only is it waterproof, but it also includes SPF 25! It comes in so many colors and is designed to feel lightweight on your skin while still providing coverage and protection.

Blush: Benefit’s Benetint is a liquid cheek and lip stain that won’t come off with sweat, tears, or even kisses.  It looks natural so it’s perfect when you want to add a little color for the beach, without looking like you’re wearing makeup. Because you really shouldn’t look like you tried too hard, right? Right.

Lip Gloss: Many long-wear, waterproof, lip glosses can dry out your lips, but this gloss from MAKE UP FOREVER is non-drying and smells deliciously vanilla.  With many colors to choose from you can be assured that you will look kissable, even underwater.

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