Budget Stylista: Fourth of July FAB

4th of july fashionThe 4th of July. ¬†An excuse to drink beer, dress up in festive clothes and eat late-night salty munchies… all day. Sounds like a typical college weekend and it is oh-so-welcomed after 2 months of spending our weekend nights at home with our parents playing Scrabble.

But what to wear?

Not only is it day-to-night activities, but you don’t want to pull a George Banks and be a total party pooper (that’s why we invited you!) avoiding the red, white and blue all together, but, then again, you don’t want to be so obviously festive that you look like a walking Old Navy ad (or a pro wrestler). Thank God I’m here!

I can dress you from the beach to the fireworks so all you have to do is show up, grab that Corona and hot dog and enjoy.

For That Beachy BBQ/Poolside Celebration:

Bathing suit

festive bathingsuit

Fourth of July or not, this badboy is adorbs.

Cover Up

red cover up white cover up
Comes in both red or white for your 4th of July preference. If you’ve been tanning, I’d go with white. If you’re as pasty as I am (thanks to a combo of rain and a Tough Love marathon on VH1), red’s the way to go.

red sunglasses
Come in red, white and blue! And they are so cheap you can get ’em all and change ’em up depending on your mood.

For the Fireworks:

festive dress
This is by far the best, cutest way to wear red white and blue without being so obvious about it. Plus you will so wear it again.


Wear these with the bathing suit/cover up combo, and then slip right back into them for the fireworks show. These are truly the perfect day-to-night shoes: comfy, cute, but with the tiniest bit of wedge for a dressier look and feel.
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