The CC Weekly Weigh In: Bikini Wax Fiascos

There are few things more awkward than having a strange woman apply hot wax to your happy place as you sit spread eagle before her holding your undies out of the way. Except, maybe, hoisting your leg up on your bathroom counter and doin’ it yourself.

Maintaining a nice coif (or lack thereof) downtown takes a lot: of patience, of work, or pain, and of self esteem. I mean, you don’t lay on a table with your legs wide open for just anyone (sober, at least). And being that it’s such a sensitive situation, there are bound to be some awkward experiences along the way.

After opting for a cheap wax in the back of a Korean nail shop in Midtown Manhattan, where the room was so small I had to rest my legs against the wall and use my pants as a pillow while the teeny lady did her work, I wanted to see if anyone else had similar experiences. Here is what the rest of the CollegeCandy team had to share – well, the ones who didn’t block the experiences from their memories. Share your own stories in the comments!

Beata – Notre Dame: I tried to do it myself once, with some warm-up aloe vera “waxing” gel.  Ended up with sticky green goo all in my lady parts. It took a very long time to get out.

Caitlin – University of Alabama: All of my bikini wax experiences have been normal, but one time I was getting my eyebrows done and my usual lady was out of town so I got stuck with the new girl.  She wanted to try the trimmer instead of wax, and she “trimmed” off half of my eyebrow.  “Oops” is never something you want to hear from your eyebrow lady.

Sara C-Fordham: When I was about nine, I went over to a friend’s house for a pool party and we were at that age where we still weren’t bashful about our bodies and changed in front of one another. Well, one of my girlfriends was maturing much faster than the rest of us, and when I caught glimpse of her bush I shrieked. “What?” she said. “Yours is coming. Just you wait.” The way she said it, it sounded like a threat, and I feared I would one day wake up entangled in a jungle. Fortunately, I eventually realized change comes slowly.

Liza M – Minnesota
: I was in the bathroom with three other girls at a frat party when one of them decided she was going to hook up with one of the brothers there, but discovered that she wasn’t as…freshly groomed as she would like for this event. To deal with it, she grabbed one of the guy’s nasty old razors and shaved. Dry. Right there. In front of us. It was horrific.

Lauren – University of Michigan: I once tried to Nair the entire thing off in the shower, then spent the next 20 minutes splashing cold water on myself to stop the burning. I was red and swollen for a week. NEVER AGAIN.

Sara – NYU: I don’t do any of that. If shaving isn’t enough, he can, frankly, suck it.

Kayla – California State University, Sacramento: While shaving my cookie in the shower one day, I felt a sneeze coming on. I stopped shaving when the sneeze came, but kept the razor against my skin. Thus, a jerk of my hand in response to the sneeze caused a vicious slicing of my tender parts. Lesson learned.

Sarabeth – University of Texas: One time after a wax, I’m not entirely sure what happened, but when the hair started growing back I had a bald patch for almost 3 months. It looked sooooo awkward.

Lauren H – New School: I haven’t always been known for reading instructions well, so the first (and last) time I attempted to wax my own bikini zone… well, I figure that since the cloth strips were long, you were supposed to put a long on line of wax to take up the whole thing. So I covered about 5 inches of my groin in molten wax, patted my little cloth strip on and then ripped it off. And I then cried. A lot. I was bruised for a week.

Charlsie – Hollins: Recently, I was at a water park and to my surprise, I left a few stray hairs. Mortified, I was obsessed with fixing my bathing suit non-stop the rest of the day, even though I’m sure no one would have noticed but me.

Mechelle – Florida State: I have only waxed once. The guy I was dating told me I looked like “a naked mole rat” and I vowed never again. In his defense, I was trying to distract him from his zoology final.

Kari- Florida State: My very first Brazlian, the woman told me I was “beautiful” while looking pointedly at my hoo-ha. Not sure if she was referencing my or my vadge, but it made the rest of the appointment WAY awk.

Mandy – Hofstra: I’ve never gotten my netherareas waxed and here’s why: In highschool, one of my good friends wanted to do it and asked me to go with her….as in IN the room and everything. So I did, to be supportive. I held her hand as they dripped the wax on her sensitive bikini line and, despite the fact that she had taking a couple Advils before, she screamed bloody murder when they ripped the first strip off. I turned my head and saw blood coming from the area her hair used to be and decided this might not be a good option for me.  No thanks, I’ll stick to shaving…

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