The Weekly Wrap Up: Bring On July!

tired_baby-whew.jpgIt’s been a busy week of jumping through puddles and praying that the sun will come out tomorrow. Or, I don’t know, yesterday? But a new month starts next week, and so does a new fresh start to the beloved season.

To kick of July with a bang, we get to choose from our lovely collection of swimsuits to show off at the beach, (paired with our handy T-shirt tote bag, of course,) spice up our outfits with a scarf and maybe take a day off from work using the clever period excuse (even if we’re lying about it).

What we won’t be doing is getting the new iPhone, lest we get too fat to fit into our swimsuits. Or having some  casual sex because, although it may seem like a great idea in the moment, it’s not that great the next morning. And, most importantly, we will not be asking men anything, because it makes us want to pull a Will.I.AM. move on every man we see.

On the brighter side, we’ve got some awesome new jams we heard about, and it looks like there really are a bunch of jobs out there for all those post-grads. So after doing some soul searching, we can fill out some applications.
AND no excuses for not working out, because we got some awesome tips to relieve that muscle pain.

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