A laptop, a weekend vacation, a TV, an entire new wardrobe…$700 can sure get you a lot. But it almost can’t get you a pair of kicks. That is, if you want Kanye’s newest line of Louis Vuitton sneaks that cost $700 (tax not included).

Yes, seven. hundred. freaking. dollars.

So what is so special about these shoes that they would cost more than my entire summer wardrobe? (What? I shop at Target…) I mean there’s gotta be something, right? Maybe a built in trampoline or secret compartment full of diamonds?


They come in literally every color and style (so do my Nike Shox, and I’m pretty sure those don’t come close to $700),  and they are from Louis Vuitton (which is pretty cool, I guess). And Kanye made them, so they must be the best shoes in the history of the world. At least according to him.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not buyin’ it (literally). I’m pretty sure nothing going on your feet is worth that much money. Unless, of course, these things actually let me walk in Kanye’s shoes. Since they don’t, I’ll be spending my money much more wisely: on a new laptop.

The Recession Hits College Campuses. Hard.
The Recession Hits College Campuses. Hard.
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