Tuffy Luv’s Interest Ain’t Lukewarm

“Oh, but which one do I choose!?”

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Dear Tuffy Luv,
I can’t stop to think about this guy, I hope you can help me and give me some advice. (Sorry for the long e-mail in advance.)

So I met Chuck in school last year, he lives across from my dorm. Since we have the same major and in the same year, we studied for exams together throughout the whole year. At first, I didn’t think I would ever be attracted to him since he is not the type of guy I usually fall for. But I don’t know why, ever since school ended I been thinking about him a lot. Also, during school, my friends keeps telling me that Chuck likes me, and I should give him a chance. And he did act a little weird around me when he was drunk one night and wrote me a little note with hearts. But the thing is I already dropped a lot of hints, and I am not sure if he’s just not that into me or he is just slow and shy.

Chuck lives in a different city, so when school ended, he move back home. Chuck’s friend Steve, however, lives on my street. Since we are the only two people from my school that live in my city, we’ve hung out a couple of times. I can feel that Steve likes me, but I only like him as a friend, and I am not sure if by going to movies with him I am leading him on. One of my friends who works with Chuck said that during one of their convo, Chuck told her that he knows I went to a movie with Steve. Part of me kind of wants him to know, because I want him to be jealous (that’s if he would), but the other part of me was really annoyed by this news, because I feel like he is the type of person who would back out if he knows his friend like me. I haven’t talked to Chuck at all ever since school ended; I sent him a message on FB, but he didn’t reply.

So my question is should I even think that I have a chance with Chuck when school starts again? Should I text him over the summer? Or should I forget about him completely and move on because he doesn’t seem to like me that much?

Thank you so much for reading my rant,

Dear Zhuliahh,
Dude’s semi-into you, but he’s not worth the trouble

Here’s how ol’ Tuffy sees it: You weren’t all that interested in him until you went home for the summer. Methinks you just bored, girl.

He was probably semi-interested during the year, but I guess really honestly not THAT interested or he would have made a move when you gave him the signals.

He probably is feeling jealous that you went to the movies with his friend, but I think you’ve done permanent damage there since the friend actually likes you. Unless this guy is a douche (in which case, he’s not worth dating anyway), he’s going to step aside and let his friend have a chance with you. By showing interest in the friend (even though you aren’t actually interested), you’ve basically given Chuck a red light. A stop sign. A big old NO.

Sorry, girl. I’d say move on. Your lukewarm interest in a guy whose friend has the hots for you is noting but trouble and I would advise you to just move on with your life.

Hearts & Skulls,

Tuffy Luv

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