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We have very addictive personalities here at CollegeCandy. We’re addicted to coffee, to Chelsea Lately and to outdoor drinking in the summertime (that one might be slightly serious…). Our worst addiction, though? Clothes. We can’t get enough.

Most people update their wardrobes seasonally; we do it daily. And the fact that there are so many great online stores only fuels our addiction more. We don’t even have to put on any of the 40 pairs of pants that we own to add a new piece to the closet. We don’t have to slip into one of our 14 pairs of Havaianas to cruise the mall. All we need is a laptop, some internet and we’re in shopping heaven.

And where do we spend most of our time? You see it featured on this site a lot and that’s because it’s got everything a girl could want: the trendiest clothes, accessories and shoes, all on the cheap. And not cheap in a “wash it once and say goodbye” sorta way. It’s just good stuff at a low price.

And it’s about to get even cheaper, because the ladies behind that store are offering CollegeCandy readers 15% their orders from today until August 1st!

All you have to do is type in COLLEGECANDY at checkout and you’ve got yourself a 15% discount. Woohoo! That means you can buy 15% more (OMG, we really do have a problem), and you’re most definitely going to want to buy more. More dresses, more tops, more bib necklaces….

Tell your friends, tell their friends and tell their friends’ friends. Then sit back on your couch with a cup of coffee, some Chelsea Lately and click your way to a fuller and more fabulous wardrobe.

We Heart July
We Heart July
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